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Patient Seminars

Patient Seminars - Smithtown, New York


North Shore Eye Care provides patient seminars to allow patients to voice their concerns and fears in a group setting. The chance to ask questions that may be difficult to address in one-on-one consultations or simply to hear that other patients feel similarly provides a new and unique patient education experience.

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Here at North Shore Eye Care we have seminars each month with topics such as cataract surgery or LASIK laser vision correction. These seminars are informative and interactive and run by one of our board certified eye surgeons. If you choose to attend a seminar, I think you'll find it worth your while. Patient response to our seminars is always positive. We get a real dialogue going with our patients. We hear about their fears and some things that they don't want to mention in a one-on-one eye examination. But in a group setting the knowledge that's transferred and the questions and the comments that go back and forth are helpful for me, as an eye surgeon, and for the patients to learn more, and to hear what other people have to say, their fears, their concerns. The seminars that we have at North Shore Eye Care are unique and interactive. A group setting brings out a really interesting dynamic, which we enjoy thoroughly. Our board certified eye surgeons enjoy the group interaction of a seminar. Patients feel more at ease to discuss their concerns and find out that their concerns and fears are shared by many other patients. I think seminars create a unique setting that help patients and help us to understand each other better. Our patients are able to hear, in a small group setting, exactly what we provide and the things that make North Shore Eye Care special.