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The North Shore Eye Care Story

Our Ophthalmologists See the World Differently


The experts at North Shore Eye Care describe the community they've created within their New York practice. Their professionalism and compassion for the patients they treat help make the practice one of the best known in the area. Striving to build life-long relationships is one of the many unique goals created by the team at North Shore Eye Care as providing life-changing results.

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State of the art eye care, delivered with the highest level of personal service, at North Shore Eye Care, it's more than a promise. It's a family tradition, a tradition that started over 50 years ago. North Shore Eye Care was founded by my father in 1962. It was founded by my father with my mother as his only employee. They practiced out of a rental apartment on the west side of Smithtown. Back then, there were no office buildings in Smithtown, so that's how they did it. My father was a very special man. In addition to being an excellent clinician and knowing the importance of technology and technique when it came to ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery, the cornerstone of who he was, was being a kind and warm person. The thing that my father taught me is that it is of the utmost importance to treat people with kindness and warmth and compassion. Today, that desire to build relationships remains at the heart of North Shore Eye Care Service. I think the emphasis on customer service and taking care of patients is what sets North Shore Eye Care apart. We have the very best in technology. We strive to have the very best in surgical technique. But, at the end of the day, we take care of our patients and make them feel comfortable and confident throughout their journey with us. North Shore Eye Care offers a complete range of services for every member of the family, from routine exams to cataract and glaucoma treatment, to advanced laser surgery, delivered by an amazing team of professionals. Our medical team is first rate. We have doctors that all share the same philosophy of doing the very best for their patients. We have ophthalmologists in their 30s with that ambitious knowledge, just starting out. We have ophthalmologists that are in their later 60s. The two mix together to really provide a balanced and excellent team of eye care professionals. North Shore Eye Care also employs the most modern diagnosis and treatment technology, including a dedicated state of the art laser treatment center. My LASIK basically includes all the latest innovations that have been involved with LASIK over the past decade. One of these innovations is bladeless LASIK technology. We also offer CustomVue™ laser corrections, which means everybody gets their own individual correction. I think the main advantage of having the LASIK Center on the premises is basically convenience. Also, they get to see the LASIK Center when they come in for their LASIK evaluations, so when they come here for the day of surgery, they're a little bit more at ease. They know what to expect. It's easy to see why North Shore Eye Care has grown into one of New York's most respected practices. We at North Shore Eye Care are proud that three of our ophthalmologists have been repeatedly honored with Top Doctor: New York Metro Area by Castle Connolly. Top Doctor: New York Metro Area is an award given by Castle Connolly that can't be bought or advertised into, so myself, Dr. Lawrence Zweibel, and Dr. Grace O'Malley are all included in this list. Our affiliation with professional sports teams has been amazing for us. To be involved with the New York Mets, as the official LASIK provider, has been amazing for the staff and the doctors here at North Shore Eye Care. It's exciting to be involved with professional athletes and especially professional athletes at the top of their game. They need vision to be as acute as possible, and we're up for the challenge. Building relationships for life by offering the highest level of eye care combined with the most personal, compassionate service, that's the tradition shared by the people of North Shore Eye Care.