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Cataract Surgery Technology

North Shore Eye Care is dedicated to using advanced technology to determine the best IOL to meet your needs and to perform safe, exceptionally precise cataract surgery.

Advanced Equipment Provides Safety and Maximum Benefits

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North Shore Eye Care uses advanced cataract surgery technology to provide safe treatment with outstanding results. The CATALYS® Precision Laser and ORA System® serve two distinct and important purposes in helping patients overcome cataracts and regain clear vision. The CATALYS® Precision Laser allows us to provide highly accurate and predictable cataract removal. The ORA System® collects specific data that helps us recommend the best intraocular lens (IOL) to restore a patient’s vision following surgery. These advanced tools help our doctors to provide cataract surgery with minimal risk and excellent results.

Video: Cataract Surgery

Dr. Zweibel explains the difficulties of living with cataracts, and outlines the process of cataract surgery and recovery. 

The ORA System® Determines the Best IOL for Your Needs

A cataract is a progressive clouding of the crystalline lens, which lies behind the cornea and helps to focus light on the retina. When proteins within the lens begin to clump, the patient experiences blurred or opaque vision. While an up-to-date corrective eyewear prescription, ample lighting, and other conservative measures can help a patient see adequately in spite of cataracts, surgery eventually becomes necessary. During surgery, the clouded crystalline lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). Like eyeglasses, IOLs have corrective power, and they must be specially matched to the patient. When calculations are precise and the correct IOL is placed, patients can expect clear, crisp vision following recovery from cataract surgery (though glasses may be necessary for reading and other up-close activities).

The ORA System® uses intraoperative wavefront data to determine the appropriate IOL. An aberrometer provides measurements of the dimensions of the eye, while VerifEye software analyzes refraction. This data helps us recommend IOL options to best meet patients’ needs and budgets.

I am so pleased with my vision after surgery. The team was friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.

John B

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The CATALYS® Precision Laser Aids in Safe, Effective Surgery

The CATALYS® Precision Laser emits ultra-short pulses of energy at a quadrillionth of a second, resulting in maximum preservation of tissue. It is used to create carefully planned incisions in the cornea, granting access to the lens. The CATALYS® Precision Laser also fragments the lens into small pieces in preparation for removal. Cataract removal with the CATALYS® laser begins with 3D imaging of the cornea, iris, and lens. CATALYS® uses the mapping capabilities of its proprietary digital guidance system, as well as a visual interface with real-time video and optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging, to place incisions in the optimal positions. This process is much more accurate than what handheld surgical instruments can achieve. Cataract surgery has made tremendous strides in recent years, and North Shore Eye Care has taken great care to adopt the most sophisticated technology available in order to provide our patients with safe, exceptional treatment. Using the CATALYS® Precision Laser and the ORA System®, cataract surgery has never been safer, and the results are helping many who have suffered with compromised vision to see the world around them with dramatically improved clarity.