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Our team is dedicated to helping our patients overcome cataracts using the latest technology and techniques.

100% Laser Cataract Surgery CATALYS® Precision Laser System

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I am so pleased with my vision after surgery. The team was friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.

John B

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Video: Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism

Dr. Choinski describes cataracts and how they can be treated. When conservative measures can no longer help cataract patients see, surgery is necessary. This involves removing the crystalline lens and replacing it with an IOL.

IOL Options

toric iol logo

The AcrySof® Toric is an excellent treatment option designed especially for astigmatic patients suffering with cataracts.

tecnis iol

The TECNIS® Toric IOL is another option that can help patients with astigmatism achieve clear vision following cataract surgery. 

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The Crystalens® IOL is designed to help cataract patients suffering from hyperopia and myopia, enhancing vision at a range of distances.

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The ReSTOR® IOL reduces patients' dependence on glasses and contacts by restoring multifocal vision. 

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The TECNIS® Multifocal Lens allows patients to see clearly at a distance as well as close up following cataract surgery.

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Clear lens exchange can be performed when patients are not good candidates for LASIK or PRK surgery. It is similar to cataract surgery, but the primary objective is to enhance vision using an IOL.

Cataract Surgery in Special Clinical Settings

blurred vision

Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism: Patients with astigmatism and cataracts have blurry vision both from the clouding of their cataracts and an abnormal cornea shape. With a combination of cataract surgery, implant lenses for astigmatism (Toric) and corneal relaxing incisions patients can enjoy improved vision.

blood cells

Cataract Surgery and Blood Thinners: Advancements in technology have made it possible for patients on blood thinners to safely undergo cataract surgery. Our sophisticated tools and techniques make more patients eligible for cataract surgery than ever before.

Box of Flomax

Cataract Surgery and Flomax®: Flomax® can cause the iris to constrict during cataract surgery, complicating the procedure. We have special techniques that make cataract surgery for patients that take Flomax® safer.

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Cataract Surgery and Fuchs Dystrophy: Fuchs' dystrophy is a hereditary condition that causes corneal weakness. With special care, our surgeons can protect weak corneas and provide outstanding results.


Cataract Surgery and Pseudoexfoliation: Cataract patients who suffer with pseudoexfoliation need special care during cataract surgery. This condition causes proteins to collect on the lens of the eye, and weakens supportive structures in the eye. With special precautions, we can provide these patients with successful cataract surgery.