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Cataract surgery and blood thinners

March 19, 2010 — by
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A cataract is a natural aging process of the eye when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy.  Most people experience this as they age, but there is nothing that needs to be done until the cataract gets to the point that it affects quality of life or daily activity.  When a cataract advances to the point that a patient wants it fixed, the board certified cataract doctors and cataract surgeons at North Shore eye care in smithtown new york in long island are ready to help.  Our board certified eye doctors do the very best techniques when it comes to cataract surgery including performing cataract surgery without stitches, eye patches or even a needle injection around the eye.  We use simple numbing eye drops and IV sedation and usually complete the cataract surgery in about 10 minutes.  Our patients stay in their own clothes and return home the very same day.  This wonderful cataract surgery procedure has taken years to perfect and our eye doctors continue to stu

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