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Are my hearing aids supposed to whistle??

October 17, 2012 — by


It is the job of your board certified Audiologist Dr.Robyn Shapiro at North Shore Eye Care and Hearing services, to figure out the cause and treatment for feedback.Specific causes for feedback with hearing aids includes: excessive ear wax, cracked or broken tubing, incorrect insertion of your hearing aid, a bad physical fit of your hearing aid (too loose in a certain place), too much volume at certain frequencies or pitches, or sometimes an internal problem inside the hearing aid. Dr Shapiro advises her patients that feedback should tell you that 1) your battery is working great; 2) your hearing aid is not in your ear correctly.   If your hearing aid still whistles after these things are considered, then you need to see Dr.Shapiro to see what is causing feedback.

For many users, their ears actually get bigger on the inside . After a few years, their hearing aids fit smaller and looser than what they had when the aids were newer.  Occasionally Dr.Shapiro will recommend to a patient considering new technology rather than having their older hearing aid repaired because ears change and feedback can occasionally be a greater problem after the repair than before due to how the aid fits in their ear and the dated technology. Occasionally we still have problems with feedback even with new technology, however, it is not the problem it used to be.


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