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LASIK surgery at North Shore Eye Care

October 16, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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The LASIK surgeons at North Shore Eye Care have noticed an increased demand for lasik this year as the surgical volume has nearly doubled.  This in spite of the fact that nationwide the demand for lasik has been fairly flat.  The doctors at North Shore Eye Care have found the right mixture of offering the latest technology with a comforting and friendly environment.  In an effort to further this end we are moving our facility to a new state of the art lasik center across the hall from our main office at 260 Middle Country Road.   Lasik is the primary procedure offered to patients interested in laser vision correction.  This is due to the very rapid recovery afforded by this painless procedure that enables patients to drive to work the very next day.  Lasik, which is laser vision correction of the cornea performed underneath a thin corneal flap is very  safe due in large part to our femtosecond laser.  This is an extremely fast laser capable of creating a flap in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately not everyone is candidate for lasik.  In fact approximately 20 percent of all patients having laser vision are better suited to having surface laser where no flap is created.  With this technique the surface cells on the cornea known as epithelial cells are removed before the cornea can be reshaped.  While this is a better procedure for those patients with thin or scarred corneas or those requiring very large corrections, the recovery time is slower which is why lasik is the more popular procedure. For those interested in lasik we welcome you to one of our monthly lasik seminars or feel free to call for a personalized consultation.


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