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Cataract surgery as an art form

October 2, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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It's important for people to know about their cataract surgeonand where their cataract surgery will be peformed.  Just as important people should be totally informed as to just what their options are at the times of surgery.  Drs. Jeffrey Martin, Lawrence Zweibel, and John Mauro are all experienced Board Certified Ophthalmic surgeons with extensive experience with the many different lens options available to you at the time of cataract surgery.  They will soon be joined by Dr. Sonia Dahr, a glaucoma specialist who has just returned from India where she spent 2 months performing cataract surgery on people with poor access to medical care who were in dire need of this procedure.

With the first baby boomers already turning 65 there will be significant increasing demand for cataract surgery in this country.  People of this generation are healthier than previous generations in part due to better medical care but also due to healthier life styles.  In this endeavor many patients would like greater independence from glasses and contact lenses.  Luckily in the past few years many new intraocular lenses have become available to help people achieve that goal.  For instance those with astigmatism can significantly reduce this problem by opting for a toric lens.  Recently more parameters have become available with this style of lens making it possible to treat most people suffering from large amounts of astigmatism.

Just as important is the desire for people to see well both far and near without reaching for glasses to achieve either of these goals.  To accomplish this there are two types of lenses that can help you achieve this goal.  One type known as a multifocal lens can give excellent far, near and intermediate vision.  Another type of lens with only one single focus on the lens set at distance vision also enables you to see near and intermediate objects by allowing the eye to accommodate or focus on objects as they come closer to you.  The problem comes when you have both astigmatism and the desire to see objects clearly both far and near without glasses as there is presently no lens that is FDA approved for this purpose.  Until such a lens gets approved the Doctors at North Shore Eye Care can perform a procedure known as astigmatic keratotomy to reduce your astigmatism or even consider performing Lasik or PRK to give you the excellent vision you desire.

At North Shore Eye Care we have been serving patients in Smithtown for 50 years when our practice was founded by Dr. Sidney Martin and we will soon be openig an office in Riverhead to serve are patients out east.


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