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New lasik suite to open in Smithtown

September 11, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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In an effort to meet the increasing demand for lasik the physicians at North Shore Eye Care will be opening a new lasik suite this October at 260 Middle Country Road in Smithtown. 

While Lasik, which stands for laser reshaping of the cornea underneath a corneal flap has posted an excellent safety profile giving unprecedented vision to millions of people worldwide,  the physicians at North Shore Eye Care, Drs. John Mauro, Jeffrey Martin, and Larry Zweibel have noticed that many patients continue to be anxious at the time of surgery.  Understanding that having your eyes reshaped by a laser is a first time event for every patient it is quite understandable that a certain amount of anxiety could be associated with this procedure.  We feel that it is not enough to have an excellent result performed safely.  We also want this to be a pleasant experience for our patients and their families and we are hoping that the comfortable environment afforded at this facility will go a long way to achieving that goal.

The stay at the laser facility is quick being somewhat less than an hour.  During that time sophisticated measurements are taken that accurately determine the correction necessary to give you 20/20 vision using wavefront technology that takes a unique, independent measurement of your eye as no two eyes are the same.  Next the Intralase laser creates a corneal flap in approximatly 16 seconds followed by the Custom-vue laser that then reshapes your cornea.

No longer will you have to deal with glasses or contacts.  The next day you'll be able to drive to work with vision that is usually better than you had wilth your previous glasses or contacts.

So come and meet with one of our doctors and have a free consultation or even better come to one of our monthly seminars where you become eligible for a $1000.00 discount.


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