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The Lasik and Cataract experts rely on modern technology for their good results

September 3, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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Modern technology is responsible for making lasik surgery possible as well affording huge strides in cataract surgery. 

With lasik the surgeons at North Shore Eye Care  rely heavily on the Oculus Pentacam to determine if it is safe to undergo this procedure.  This is an amazing instrument that can accurately measure the shape of a patient's cornea in just 2 seconds. It can give an accurate 3 dimensional model of the cornea using as many as 25,000 true elevation points.  It gives accurate information of  thickness along 27 areas of the cornea.  Additionally it can show any abnormal areas of bulging both in the front and back of the cornea.  This information is invaluable in determining the health of a patient's cornea as only normal corneas will be able to retain their shape following lasik.

With cataract surgery modern phacoemusification techniques have made cataract surgery reliably safer with quicker recovery times with patients often seeing well the very next day.  As the operation has become safer patient's expectations have risen so that many patients are not only expecting safe surgery with good results but also excellent vision for both near and far without the use of glasses or contact lenses.  To aid in this endeavor very accurate measurements are required.  At North Shore Eye Care we rely on the IOL Master that utilizes diagnostic laser imaging to determine the axial lengh of the eye.  This information coupled  with knowledge of the corneal curvature and some very advanced formulas enable surgeons to accurately determine the proper lens to give patients the unaided excellent vision they requi re.

We recommend you visit our facility at 260 Middle Country Road.  See our modern facility for yourself.  Our Doctors are all board certified ophthalmologists who have been long recognized in Castle Connolly's Top Doctors.


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