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Cataract Surgery and knowing what options are available to you

August 5, 2011 — by John Mauro
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All of our doctors at North Shore Eye Care are specialized in advanced cataract surgery. At North Shore Eye Care our board certified surgeons (Dr. Martin, Dr. Zweibel, and Dr Mauro) perform many cataract surgeries each year, using advanced techniques and no stitches or eye patches. ll of our doctors enjoy using these improved implants because it allows our patients more freedom and range of their vision. Our board certified eye doctors do the very best techniques when it comes to cataract surgery including performing cataract surgery without stitches, eye patches or even a needle injection around the eye.  We use numbing eye drops and IV sedation and usually complete the cataract surgery in about 10 minutes.  Our patients stay in their own clothes and return home the very same day.  A cataract is a natural clouding or yellowing of the lens inside your eye. Cataract surgery, the cataract or cloudy lens of the eye is removed through a small incision using ultrasound technology called phacoemulsification. The cloudy lens is replaced with an intraocular lens implant or IOL. The eye doctors at North Shore Eye Care also use premium lens  implants such as: crystalens, tecnis multifocal, the restor. All of these premium lenses give patients better far and near vision without the use of glasses and contact lenses. We also use the Acrysof Toric implant to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.  All of our physicians (Drs Sidney Martin, Larry Zweibel, Jeff Martin and John Mauro) at North Shore Eye Care are board certified from the American Board of Ophthalmology. We serve patients throughout Long Island,  including Riverhead to the middle of the Island including Stony Brook, Smithtown, Huntington, Babylon, Melville, Cold Spring Harbor, Port Washington, Manhasset, Roslyn, Lawrence, Merrick, Wantagh, Hewett, Long Beach and still further west into New York City including the five boroughs.


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