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Eye safety on the Fourth of July

July 4, 2011 — by
Tags: Eye Surgery Cataract Lasik

The board certified eye doctors at North Shore eye care want you to enjoy this Fourth of July Celebration.  Please consider eye safety during the fun to make sure that there are no accidents.  It only takes a moment to make sure that everyone is a safe distance from fireworks and that eye protection is used when appropriate.  At a large eye care practice like ours in Smithtown new york on long island, we see many unfortunate eye accidents that cause significant loss of vision and certainly preventable pain and suffering.  Whether you live in smithtown, riverhead, ridge, or any other location on long island, there are great firework displays locally.  Be safe and enjoy.  We are in the business of improving vision, mainly through lasik laser eye surgery and cataract surgery, but also often help patients that have sustained eye trauma.  At North Shore Eye Care, we are pround to be Americans and feel the patriotism that is displayed everywhere this time of year.  Celebrate our great country and our heritage and remember to protect those eyes.


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