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Cataract surgery performed by the surgeons at North Shore Eye Care

July 3, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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The experienced eye surgeons at North Shore Eye Care strive for patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction.  Moreover, whenever possible we try to give the best quality vision while at the same time reducing patient need for glasses.

Patient comfort is insured when you enter our state of the art outpatient surgical facility.  Hospital stays are no longer required which helps avoid all unnecessary testing often required by hospitals for patients that are admitted with far more complex problems.  In the more informal setting of a free standing surgical facility the time spent from admission to discharge is often less than half the time that would have been spent at the hospital which often exceeds half a day.  Street clothes do not have to be removed and the friendly, competent staff is dedicated 100% to handling eye care which leads to increased proficiency.

To help patients reduce their need for spectacles we offer a wide variety of lens options.  This starts with accurate biometry and keratometry which helps evaluate the lens that will be most appropriate for you.  A complete eye exam will determine if there are other factors that could impact on the success of the operation.  One example of this is the patient suffering from dry eyes.  If the tear layer is compromised vision is impaired.  Improving the tear layer could not only improve a patient's postoperative result, but may actually postpone the need for surgery altogether.


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