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Considering lasik? Come to North Shore Eye Care, the providers of the Mets and Islanders for your free evaluation

May 22, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Lasik Oculus Pentacam

The surgeons at North Shore Eye Care are not just experienced but offer the very latest in diagnostic and surgical technology.  This not only includes bladeless lasik surgery and wavescan technology which offers unparalled vision, but newer diagnostic equipment such as the Oculus Pentacam, a sophisticated instrument that can detect early abnormalities in your cornea.  This is very important since it is the cornea that is reshaped when performing lasik and only normal corneas can retain the new shape imparted on them by laser.

In the past topography, which analyzes the front surface of the cornea was used to determine normalcy, but over the years we have come to understand that analyzing the back surface of the cornea is more sensitive in determining the health of a cornea.  The Pentacam is excellent at determining abnormal shapes and bulges in the front and back of the cornea as well as determining abnormal areas of thinning.  It can also tell if the abnormally thin areas correspond to the areas of atypical bulging.

Another new instrument we acquired can analyze the tear layer.  This important diagnostic tool is very useful for middle aged people and older,  whether they are having lasik surgery or not who think they may be suffering from dry eyes.

As a reminder we recommend you come to our next lasik seminar Tuesday night at 7 P.M. in are brand new, state of the art facility.  As always refreshments will be served.


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