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Let the eye specialists at North Shore Eye Care help you see the way to better vision

April 17, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Lasik

For all those people with inadequate vision who depend on glasses and contact lenses to go about their daily activities let the surgeons at North Shore Eye Care show you a better way .  With our monthly seminars we have helped many people learn the benefits of lasik surgery.

This surgery which has been performed for approximately two decades is now an established procedure known for excellent safety as well as the excellent uncorrected vision that it affords.  The vision is so good that our armed forces including the Air Force and Navy have fully endorsed lasik for their pilots who often have to land high speed jets onto moving aircraft carriers in poor visibility at night.  Last year approximately 700,000 procedures were performed with about the same number expected to be performed this year.

At North Shore Eye Care our board certified ophthalmologists use only the latest techniques known as I-Lasik to insure the best safety and performance.  This involves bladeless laser surgery as well as custom-vue lasik that uses space age technology to help eliminate haze and glare while at the same time yielding vision that is usually better than you had with your glasses and contacts.

So come to one of our monthly seminars or simply come anytime for a free lasik evaluation and we will help you see the way to a clearer future.


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