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Our free morning seminar on cataract surgery at North Shore Eye Care next Monday

April 5, 2011 — by John Mauro
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Our eye surgeons, Dr. Jeff Martin, Dr. Larry Zweibel, Dr Sidney Martin and Dr. John Mauro, will be conducting  monthly seminars to afford  patients better education in their decision to have cataract surgery.  Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that is conducted under IV and the use of topical numbing eye drops and therefore do not use needles around the eyes, stitches, or even an eye patch following surgery.  Patients then have the opportunity to choose a standard IOL or upgrade to a premium implant that reduces or eliminates the need for glasses at all distances.  These implants are called Crystalens, Restor, and Tecnis Multifocal as well as the Toric lenses which treat astigmatism. All are welcome to come and refreshments  will be served.  The cost of cataract surgery is covered by health insurance and medicare in almost all cases. For those without insurance, we offer zero percent financing for two years and we try to keep our cost down for those patients that do not have the finances to pay for cataract surgery. We perform cataract surgery with no stitches, no eye patch, and no needles around the eyes. Our patients stay in their own clothes and return to their home within a couple of hours. For those patients that wish to have vision free of glasses and contact lenses, we offer premium implants such as crystalens, restor, rezoom, tecnis multifocal, and acrysof toric. These lenses are designed to help patients see without glasses. There is an added cost for these implants, but we do help you with zero percent financing and payment plans. Many of our happiest patients are those with accommodating or multifocal implants.


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