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Experience counts when choosing a surgeon for laser vision corrective surgery

March 6, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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  When considering having laser corrective surgery, whether it be Lasik or PRK, there are many reasons to have your procedure performed by a skilled, experienced surgeon.  Not the least of these is the determination of which procedure may be more appropriate for you, or if you are even a good candidate.  Generally speaking surgeons tend to favor surface laser (PRK) approaches when modifying the shape of your cornea (the lens of your eye that the laser is to reshape) if the correction is very large or the cornea is too thin.  Thin corneas by themselves are often safe to treat as long as the overall shape of the cornea is normal. Other important  problems to consider are dry eyes and corneal scarring.  While normal eyes tend to do very well with laser vision correction, dry eye conditions can be exacerbated by this procedure.  Therefore it is very important to treat this problem before surgery and often times treatment may even be extended many months after.  As for corneal scarring, if it is at all significant, it can lead to problems when creating a lasik flap and for this reason it is usually safer to have PRK on these eyes.  Since lasik is the more popular procedure as it allows for much quicker recovery with excellent vision the very next day following surgery, lasik can still be performed on the other, healthy eye.

While it is clear that experience is important in evaluating a prospective lasik  candidate, it is equally important when actually undergoing your lasik procedure.  At North Shore Eye Care we have over 14 years experience with this procedure, having performed thousands of eyes utilizing the latest technology.  As team physicians for the New York Islanders our Board Certified Ophthalmologists will offer you the very best of care.  Come in for a free evaluation or for more information come to one of our monthly seminars and get up to $1000.00 off your surgery.


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