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Changing expectations with cataract surgery

January 30, 2011 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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  With the first baby boomers turning 65 this past January Doctors are finding that patients are developing increasing expectations with regards to their cataract surgery.  Once an operation intended to soley restore vision more and more people are looking to achieve spectacle independence.  Modern equipment and microscopes have gone a long way towards making cataract surgery a much safer operation with quick recovery.  Once an operation that required a hospital stay of 3 or more days it is now performed on an outpatient basis with the ability to return to work the very next day.

But doctors are finding that it is not enough to have a completely successful case without complications as more people are looking to go to surgeons who are also comfortable with refractive surgery and North Shore Eye care is one of the facilities that offers this service.  Patients looking to restore their vision can choose from a variety of lenses that will enable them to see both near and far without the use of glasses.  While these lenses are excellent they as well as their patients can be demanding.  For instance if the eyes are still slightly out of focus following surgery patients will justifiably be unhappy since they still may require glasses.    The skilled surgeons at North Shore Eye Care have many tools at their disposal that can adjust for these problems such as lasik surgery as well as the latest diagnostic tools that can accurately predict the required lens power before surgery is performed.

Come by and check out our newly expanded office and see how we can help you achieve your very best  sight.


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