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Should you get a premium implant with cataract surgery

December 11, 2010 — by
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The board certified cataract surgeons at North Shore eye care in smithtown new york in long island are often asked about premium implants in cataract surgery.  These intraocular implants are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses and also reduce or eliminate astigmatism.  In cataract surgery, the cloudy or defective lens of the eye is removed and an implant lens is placed to restore vision.  The standard implants are excellent and are aspheric.  At our eye care practice in suffolk county of long island, about 30 % of patients elect to have an implant that is enhanced to reduce the need for glasses at far and near.  These lenses are either accommodating or multifocal and include crystalens, restor, and tecnis multifocal.  There is also the acrysof toric implant that reduces astigmatism in those patients that have significant astigmatism.

These premium implants are not covered by insurance so there is an out-of-pocket expense that the patient has to pay.  For many patients, that is the way to go and some patients use our zero percent financing to help spread the financial burden over time.  We generally tell our patients that if you do not mind wearing glasses, you should get the standard implant and save that money.  For those patients that would like to use glasses less or not at all, the premium intraocular lenses is the way to go.  It is not a decision that our eye surgeons make for our patients.  It is simply a preference that is based on your lifestyle, visual needs and finances.  We do try to make the financial burden as light as possible.



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