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Cataract surgery excellence at North Shore eye care

October 28, 2010 — by
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When it comes to cataract surgery, the cataract experts at North Shore eye care in smithtown new york in long island are ready to help you on your way to clear vision.  Our three board certified cataract surgeons, Dr. Jeffrey Martin, Dr. Larry Zweibel and Dr. John Mauro are experts when it comes to the latest technology and technique in cataract surgery.  From your first appointment at North Shore eye care, you will feel confident that you have chosen wisely.  Our staff is kind and has the knowledge to help get things started.   You then meet with one of our cataract surgeons and they completely examine your eye and discuss your options with you.  You will be told about our small incision cataract surgery with no stitches, no needles, and no eye patch following the cataract surgery.  You will be told about your intraocular lens implant options including standard lenses that are used to replace the cataract or defective cloudy lens.  You can also choose to have a premium lens implant that is designed to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses for near or far.  We also use Toric implants that reduce or eliminate astigmatism.

There are choices to be made with cataract surgery, especially today with the advanced technology available.  Come in and see what makes our eye care practice the right eye care practice.


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