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September 15, 2010 — by
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North Shore Eye Care, a leading ophthalmic surgical and eye care practice located in Smithtown, New York, in Suffolk County on Long Island, has introduced a simplified and easier post-operative protocol for cataract patients.  

Under the traditional protocol, patients were required to use eye drops four times a day following cataract surgery or laser vision correction.  This protocol is also known as Q.I.D. which in Latin stands for "quater in die" meaning four times a day.

At North Shore Eye Care, the Board-certified surgeons have now introduced a new and simplified drops regimen for post-operative laser vision correction and cataract surgery patients.  This new protocol requires patients to use drops only twice a day.  In Latin, it is also referred to as B.I.D. which stands “bis in die” meaning twice a day.

The primary purpose of this updated protocol is to make it easier for patients to remember using these eye drops following their laser or cataract procedure. 

According to Dr. Jeffrey Martin of North Shore Eye Care, “We have recognized that patients typically become non-compliant with their post-operative drop regimen two days beyond surgery.  Hence, they needed a simpler, easier to follow protocol. We are happy to bring this to our patients to make their lives easier following surgery.”

This new protocol, while improving compliance, also promotes rapid post-operative recovery and healing. 

Furthermore, it gives the doctor the peace of mind that patients will be getting the medication they need periodically and in a timely manner.

North Shore Eye Care is a leading, specialized eye care practice, serving patients from Suffolk and Nassau counties on Long Island. 

North Shore Eye Care has been recognized by Bausch & Lomb (B&L) as the National Crystalens Center of Excellence for advanced cataract surgery.  The practice was established 40 years ago by Dr. Sidney A. Martin and is currently served by his son Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin, Dr. Lawrence Zweibel, and Dr. John Mauro.

Drs. Martin and Dr. Zweibel have been consistently named as the Top Doctors in the New York metro area by Castle Connolly. 

All doctors perform custom laser vision correction, cataract surgery and premium lens implant procedures and provide other specialized eye care services as well. 

The practice conducts FREE monthly seminars on LASIK and cataract surgery. 

You can call (631) 265 8780 to schedule an appointment with any of the eye doctors at North Shore Eye Care. 

For further information on North Shore Eye Care and their services, visit their web site at www.nseye.com or email surgery@nseye.com 


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