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Cataract surgery offers many choices for patients

August 8, 2010 — by Lawrence Zweibel
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As cataract surgery continues to evolve many new choices have become available to patients.  A cataract is a natural lens within the eye no longer functions properly because of loss of clarity making normal tasks difficult to perform.  Environment and heredity are factors that can influence cataract formation, but as people age all people get some degree of cataract formation.  Since a cataract is a lens it must be replaced with a new lens for the eye to function properly.

Modern intraocular lenses attempt to achieve not only the vision obtainable before the cataract formed, but to restore vision to a level once obtained in youth.  This is because once people enter their 40's they lose the ability to alter focus from distance to near reqiuiring the need for bifocals or progressive (varilux) lenses.  With the newer lenses that are now available multifocality is now possible enabling patients to be independent of spectacles most times and sometimes completely.  One such lens is the Crystalens AO from Bausch & Lomb.  This is a new lens which first became available this year.  This is an excellent lens known for its excellent optics.  This is because of its aberration free design along with its excellent depth of field.  Other popular lenses are multifocal lenses with diffractive properties enabling people to see near, far, and in-between.  The Restor from Alcon and the Tecnis from AMO are two such lenses.

To get more information regarding cataracts and cataract surgery we are now offering free seminars at North Shore Eye Care in Smithtown.  Refreshments will be served and we are sure that you will find these discusssions quite informative.  Our surgeons an North Shore Eye Care are listed in Castle Connelly's Top Doctors and all surgeons are Board Certified Ophthalmologists.


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