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How to choose your cataract surgery implant lens

June 21, 2010 — by
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In cataract surgery, the cloudy or defective crystalline lens of the eye is removed and a new intraocular lens implant or IOL is placed.  A cataract should be removed when the lens gets cloudy enough that it causes difficulty with quality of life.  After a cataract is removed, the board certified cataract surgeons at North Shore eye care replace the cataract with a variety of top of the line implants.  If a patient desires to see far and near without glasses or contact lenses, there are two types of lenses that can accomplish this.  Crystalens is an accommodating lens that moves forward and back depending on the involuntary muscles of focus.  This gives a patient increased depth of focus and reduces the need for glasses.  North Shore eye care is a national Crystalens Center of Excellence.

There are also multifocal implants like the restor, rezoom, and tecnis multifocal.  These lenses are different from each other, but function by having rings in the implant that alternate for near and far.  A patient looking through these implants is able to see near and far without glasses or contact lenses.  There are particular benefits to each implant that our board certified cataract surgeons are happy to discuss in a cataract consultation.  For patients with astigmatism, we offer a toric intraocular implant to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.

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