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Cataract surgery explained in simple terms... the experts at North Shore Eye Care in smithtown new york in long island

May 9, 2010 — by
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Many of our long island new york patients from smithtown and the surrounding areas of suffolk county are not quite sure what a cataract is and how we fix them.  A cataract is a clouding of the natural crystalline lens of the eye.  In cataract surgery, that defective lens must be removed and a replacement lens called an intraocular lens or IOL is placed.  A cataract is sort of like a grape.  It sits behind the iris or colored part of the eye.  In cataract surgery, after IV sedation and numbing eye drops, we drape our patients for sterility and use a bright microscope light for visualization.  As  a patient, you do not feel pain or see anything scary.  You are sedated and simply see a bright light.  Through a small incision made with a preset blade, we make a circular opening in the skin of the grape called the capsule with a fine instrument.

Then phacoemulsfication or computer controlled ultrasound is used to remove the fruit of the grape leaving behind the capsular bag.  The new intraocular lens is placed in the capsular bag and stays in place because the lens is larger than the opening in the capsule.  When  it comes to implants or IOLs, Dr. Jeff Martin, Dr. Larry Zweibel and Dr. John Mauro are experts at standard implants for distance as well as the premium or special technology implants that allow our patients to see far and near.  There are accommodating lenses like Crystalens and Multifocal lenses like Tecnis Multifocal, Rezoom, and Restor.  These implants work by slightly different mechanisms, but the result is far and near vision with no to little use of glasses or contact lenses.

In long island new york in suffolk and nassau counties, we see patients from smithtown, nesconset, saint james, kings park, islip, islandia, hauppauge, lake grove, bohemia, ronkonkoma, holtsville, holbrook, sayville, bay shore, babylon, commack, stony brook, centereach, northport, and many other towns.


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