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Cataract Surgery, What lens is best for me? Part one of two

March 11, 2010 — by John Mauro
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The natural lens of the eye over time, becomes clouded. This is called a cataract. During the cataract procedure, the eye surgeon makes a small incision in the cornea about the size of a pencil tip. Then using ultrasound technology, the cataract is removed in a matter of minutes and carefully inserted is the new lens, either a monofocal or premium IOL(intraocular lens). A similar procedure is used to remove the natural lens for the patient who does not have cataracts but desires decreased dependence on glasses, either as an alternative to LASIK or PRK, they do not qualify for LASIK or PRK because there prescription is to large or to eliminate reading glasses in general. In this case, the patient may elect have a premium IOL. This is also called “clear lens exchange.” Drs. Zweibel, Martin and Mauro all use the "no-stitch" method of cataract surgery and implanting an IOL. The "no-stitch" technique allows fast visual recovery.

The intraocular lens serves as a replacement for the eye's natural lens.  Before the development of of IOL’s, patients had to wear “coke bottle” glasses after cataract surgery. First approved by the FDA in the 1980’s, the first line of IOL’s were called monofocal IOLs, which were and are still today used mainly to correct for distant vision. Premium IOLs bring about a new era in IOL technology, allowing good distance and near vision, without glasses for a majority of patients. Premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs) are an effective and safe way of restoring vision to patients undergoing cataract surgery.  Certain patients are candidates for a clear lens exchange. Even though they may not have a cataract, they may opt to replace the natural lens with a premium IOL to reduce their dependence on glasses. This by the way, also eliminates the need for future cataract surgery.

After surgery, with monofocal IOLs, patients still must use glasses in order to focus on  near activities such as reading and using a computer. Premium IOLs offer the ability for clear vision in  more than one distance without glasses. Tomorrow we will discuss different types of premium IOL’s and whether or not you may be a candidate.

At  Northshore Eye Care we serve patients from all over Long Island including the 5 burroughs of New York.  In Long Island we serve Manhasset, Port Washington, Great Neck, Hewlet, Garden City, Lawrence, Merrick, Mineola as well as other townships in Nassau County.  In Suffolk County we serve  Melville, Dix Hills, Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor, Norhport, Dix Hills, Commack, Smithtown, Stony Brook, Islip, Brentwood, Port Jefferson, Patchogue, Riverhead, the Hamptons, Sag Harbor, Jamestown, Mattituck as well as many other villages and townships in Suffolk County.



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