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Cataract symptoms... ask the cataract experts in smithtown new york in long island

February 23, 2010 — by
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Cataract surgery is a very popular outpatient procedure and North Shore Eye Care is the place in long island new york that has been a leader in cataract surgery for many years.  Our patients from smithtown new york and beyond are made comfortable in our professional and warm environment from the first day that they arrive.  We fully examine your eyes and discuss your options and if cataract surgery is warranted, our board certified cataract doctors and cataract surgeons do the very best in cataract surgery.  We perform cataract surgery at a state of the art eye surgical center.  Our patients stay in their own clothes and receive IV sedation for comfort.  The cataract surgery takes a few minutes and we do not use stitches, eye patches or needles around the eyes.  Our board certified eye doctors and eye surgeons use eye drops to numb the surface of the eye and use small incisions to remove the cataract or sloudy lens.  This is done with gentle computer controlled ultrasound called phacoemulsification.  After the cataract is removed, we place an intraocular implant or IOL to restore your vision.  We use several premium implants including crystalens, restor, rezoom, tecnis multifocal, and acrysof toric.  These premium implants are designed to reduce the need for glasses and contact lenses for all activitied including near and far vision.  For those patients that desire premium implants, we offer zero percent financing for two years if it is desired.

So when is it time to consider cataract surgery?  The symptoms of cataract include glare with oncoming headlights at night, glare with sunlight, blurred vision, decreased contrast in vision or clarity and general reduced vision.  These symptoms tend to build slowly and eventually when the symptoms begin to bother our patients and their quality of life, we decide to do cataract surgery.  Although Dr. Jeffrey Martin, Dr. Larry Zweibel and Dr. John Mauro do many cataract procedures each year, it is the patient that decides when the cataract is bad enough for them.  Depending on your visual demands, cataract surgery is performed at different times in the development of cataract. 

In long island new york in suffolk and nassau counties, we see patients from smithtown, nesconset, saint james, kings park, islip, islandia, hauppauge, lake grove, bohemia, ronkonkoma, holbrook, holtsville, sayville, bay shore, babylon, commack, centereach, stony brook, setauket, port jefferson, nissequogue, head of the harbor, old field, sound beach, belle terre, poquott, and many other towns.


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