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Lasik risks vs contact lens wear... ask the lasik experts in smithtown new york in long island

February 20, 2010 — by
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Lasik has been a very popular elective corrective eye surgery over the past 15 years.  Lasik laser eye surgery has improved quite a bit over that time and today, the eye doctors and eye surgeons at North Shore Eye Care perform all bladeless and custom lasik.  Dr. Jeffrey Martin, Dr. Larry Zweibel and Dr. John Mauro are all board certified and are very experienced in all aspects of laser vision correction.  When you come in for your free lasik consultation in our Smithtown New York office in suffolk county, we will do all the appropriate testing including corneal topography, pachymetry, wavescan and thorough eye examination.  We will explain our use of Intralase, a blade-free laser that makes the safest and most precise flap as the first step of lasik.  We then do all Customvue lasik vision correction using Wavescan, wavemap, waveprint technology that automatically centers, automatically tracks, and uses iris registration.  Ilasik is the term used to describe the most advanced lasik laser eye surgery that our board certified lasik doctors and lasik surgeons use every time we do corrective eye surgery.

There are always questions about risk in lasik laser vision correction.  We discuss all of the most common problems associated with lasik, lasek, and epilasik even though the risk of any complication in lasik is less than 1 percent.  There is a possibility of infection, imperfect flap, under and overcorrection, as well as ectasia, but with today's more improved laser platforms and our ability to avoid borderline cases, we have made lasik one of the safest procedures performed today.  We also aggressively treat dry eye and ocular surface conditions so that our patients recover quickly and see the best that can be.  When people speak about risk compared to contact lenses, our doctors have seen more eye problems from contact lenses than lasik.  There is significant risk of infection and corneal problems with overwearing contact lenses and contact lens abuse.  Once our patients have lasik, the risk of contact lens complications goes away.

In long island in suffolk and nassau counties, we see patients from smithtown, nesconset, saint james, kings park, islip, islandia, hauppauge, bohemia, ronkonkoma, holtsville, holbrook, sayville, farmingdale, farmingville, commack, stony brook, setauket, port jefferson, and many other towns.


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