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The advantages of femtolaser cataract surgery

May 22, 2015 — by David Immanuel, MD, PHD

 Femtolaser cataract surgery helps us to create precise capsulotomies which increases the accuracy and safety of cataract surgery while increasing the chance for spectacle-free vision after surgery.  Laser cataract surgery also allows us to “soften” the lens by fragmenting the lens into smaller cubes that can be more easily removed from the eye.  This decreases the amount of ultrasound energy on the eye which is healthier on the cornea.  Finally, laser cataract surgery allows us to correct minor astigmatism to increase our chance for providing you with spectacle-free vision.  For these reasons, if a family member or friend has a cataract today, femtolaser cataract surgery is what I would recommend.

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Contact Lenses: good or bad?

May 21, 2015 — by Faye Knoll
Tags: Contacts Lasik Long Island

A contact lens is a clear piece of plastic that sits on the surface of the cornea.  It corrects for your glasses prescription, so it allows you to see very well without the need for cumbersome glasses.  Contact lenses, if used appropriately, are a wonderful tool to get excellent vision.  In fact, depending on your glasses prescription, many time people see better with their contacts than they do with their spectacles.  Unfortunately, contact lenses can be very dangerous if not used correctly. 

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Uveitis at North Shore Eye Care

May 20, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Cataract Surgery Cataract Laser Cataract Specialist

What is Uveitis?  Uveitis is inflammation in the eye that can occur because of infection, autoimmune disorders (which causes the body to attack its own tissues), or for unknown reasons. 

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Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Publishes Important Study on Managing Complications of Eyelid Filler Injections

May 19, 2015 — by nsec260
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Smithtown Botox Filler

Along with colleagues at Johns Hopkins University's Wilmer Eye Institute, Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Samuel Baharestani has published an important study on managing complications of eyelid filler injections.  The paper offers new insights into the diagnosis and management of unwanted effects from cosmetic rejuvenation procedures around the eyes.

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Macular Degeneration Can Cause Severe Vision Loss

May 18, 2015 — by Andrew Bainnson
Tags: Macular Degeneration Anti Vegf Fluorescein Angiography

 Macular degeneration is the leading cause of decreased vision in people over 65 years of age. Along with glaucoma and cataracts it is one of the most frequent diseases diagnosed by eye doctors. Macular degeneration is an age-related condition of the macula, an area of the retina at the back of the eye that is responsible for seeing fine detail when reading or looking straight ahead.  In order to see 20/20 the macula must be functioning perfected.

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North Shore Eye Care Hosts Successful 'Evening of Beauty' on Long Island Highlighting Botox, Fillers, & Cosmetic Surgery

May 17, 2015 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Smithtown Botox Blepharoplasty Filler

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, at our Smithtown office, North Shore Eye Care hosted a successful 'Evening of Beauty' where attendees were able to learn more about facial rejuvenation with botox, fillers, and cosmetic eyelid surgery.  

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Lasers have many important applications for the treatment of ocular disorders

May 16, 2015 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Lasers In Ophthalmology Lasik

Lasers have played an important role in the treatment of ocular disease and optical disorders. Originally used approximately 50 years ago newer applications have been developed recently.

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Best LASIK in Long Island

May 15, 2015 — by Jeffrey Martin
Tags: Lasik Laser Eye Long Island

LASIK laser eye surgery has been improving for over 20 years.  At North Shore Eye Care, our eye doctors provide iLASIK which is bladeless custom LASIK.

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Recurrent Corneal Erosions

May 14, 2015 — by Faye Knoll
Tags: Recurrent Corneal Erosions Cornea Long Island

Recurrent corneal erosions, also known as recurrent erosion syndrome (RES), is a disorder of the epithelial cells that line the surface of the cornea.  It is a chronic, relapsing disorder which results in periodic episodes of exquisitely painful epithelial erosions.  Oftentimes these corneal erosions result in such severe symptoms that patients are unable to work or perform routine daily activities. 

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North Shore Eye Care Invites Everyone To Our ‘Live’ LASIK At our Smithtown Seminar on May 28th at 7pm

May 13, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Lasik Surgeon Cataract Specialist In Long Island Lasik Doctor In New York

North Shore Eye Care Invites Everyone To View ‘Live’ LASIK At our Smithtown Seminar on May 28th at 7pm with Dr Jeff Martin. Many people may be too nervous to have LASIK and some have wondered what it’s like to have LASIK. Our past attendees have found our live LASIK event something....

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