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Recurrent Eye Pain Can Be Caused by Previous Trauma or a Congenital Dystrophy of the Cornea

November 29, 2015 — by David Immanuel, MD, PHD
Tags: Recurrent Corneal Erosion Trauma Anterior Basement Membrane Dystrophy Meibomianitis Rosacea

As the weather cools and the air dries, we become more susceptible to recurrent corneal erosions.  Recurrent corneal erosion is a condition where the cells on the surface of the cornea detaches from the underlying basement membrane.  A sheet of these cells can slide loosely or rip causing a corneal abrasion.  This condition causes eye pain, light sensitivity, tearing, and corneal scarring that can affect vision.  Corneal erosion is associated with previous trauma to the cornea or a predisposing condition called epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, a congenital condition where morphological changes in the epithelium or basement membrane prevents the epithelium from attaching.   Without proper lubrication, the epithelium on the corneal surface sticks to the inner surface of the lids, usually during sleep.  When the lids open, the epithelium rips and causes severe pain. 

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Dry eye disease often begins in middle age and shouldn't be ignored

November 28, 2015 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease commonly begins when people reach their forties.  The discomfort and vision problems associated with dry eyes can be significant often requiring treatment.

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Happy Thanksgiving at North Shore Eye Care!

November 26, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Lasik Specialist Thanksgiving 2015 Best Lasik Doctors In Long Island

Happy Thanksgiving at North Shore Eye Care!  As the year comes to end, Dr Martin will be hosting our last LASIK seminar of 2015 on December 8th at 7pm in our Smithtown office. 

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Our Eyes and Migraines

November 25, 2015 — by Andrew Bainnson
Tags: Migraines Floaters Neurologist

Migraines are common neurological condition that is more prevalent in women.  A classic migraine usually may start with visual symptoms- zigzag lines, lightning bolts, kaleidoscope looking images are common.  Usually the visual symptoms expand over a period of time ranging from 10-30 minutes but sometimes much longer.  Severe pounding headaches will follow and may be associated with nausea, light sensitivity and vomiting.  Sometimes the visual symptoms may occur without the headache.  This is often referred to as an ocular migraine or a migraine variant.

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Dr. Samuel Baharestani Lectures on Blocked Tear Duct Surgery and Excessive Tearing to Nassau University Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology

November 24, 2015 — by nsec260
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon In The News

Nassau University Medical Center has invited Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr. Samuel Baharestani, MD, to give a Grand Rounds presentation on the evaluation and management of patients who have excessive tearing of the eyes.  The lecture will take place on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 5 PM.

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November 23, 2015 — by nsec260
Tags: In The News

In an interview with Andy Mitchell of Peconic Bay Medical Center, Dr. Lawrence Buono speaks of his role as a top ophthalmologist on Long Island’s east end. During the broadcast, entitled “Eyes: the Window to the Soul,” Dr. Buono discusses his educational background, teaching, innovations in surgery and treatment of glaucoma and cataracts, and how a visit with his grandmother to her physician put him on a rewarding path to practicing medicine. 

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Is the world becoming more myopic (near-sighted)?

November 22, 2015 — by Dr. Michelle Liebert
Tags: Michelle Liebert M D Pediatric Ophthalmologist Long Island Myopia

Although most people who are myopic simply need glasses, there is a growing segment of the population that is becoming "pathologically myopic," with prescriptions that are as high as -10.00 to -12.00.  A high myope has 10 times the risk of retinal detachment.  There is an increased incidence of retinal degeneration, cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration in these patients as well.  What is the cause?  Is there anything we can do?

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North Shore Eye Care, is proud to be the the 2015 official LASIK Providers of the New York Mets and continues to offer Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery

November 21, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Cataract Surgery Cataract Laser Cataract Specialist

North Shore Eye Care, is proud to be the the 2015 official LASIK Providers of the New York Mets!  The board certified ophthalmologists of North Shore Eye Care are proud to offer Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery.  

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Our hearing experts give helpful tips for speaking to the hearing impaired

November 20, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Hearing Specialist In Smithtown Top Audiologist In Long Island

North Shore Eye Care and Hearing Services work closely with our staff at North Shore and other local medical professionals to offer helpful tips for our hearing-impaired patients.  A common complaint from patients is the communication barriers they deal with when working with medical providers and medical staff. 

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Narrow Angle or Closed Angle Glaucoma and Its Treatment

November 19, 2015 — by Andrew Bainnson
Tags: Iridotomy Angle Closure Glaucoma Glaucoma Narrow Angle Glaucoma

There are two basic types of glaucoma; open-angle and closed or narrow angle glaucoma. Open angle glaucoma is the more common of the two; angle closure glaucoma can result in much more rapid vision loss and thus needs to be treated immediately. While open angle glaucoma can exist for many years lurking in the background, angle closure glaucoma usually presents with a very painful red eye accompanied by blurry vision, extreme pain as well as nausea and vomiting. It is caused by the sudden blockage of fluid circulation in the eye, specifically fluid getting into the “drain” or angle of the eye

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