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How Long Do Lip Injections Last?

October 23, 2016 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Juvederm Restylane Lip Fillers

Long Island residents have many options for choosing an injector to treat their lips.  Lip fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Volbella, and Belotero are great for providing fuller and thicker lips.  Each has specific uses and every patient's body breaks down the product differently.

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Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Attends Plastic Surgery Meeting

October 22, 2016 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Plastic Surgery Blepharoplasty Botox Filler

[Chicago, Illinois] - Eyelid plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, eyelid bag removal, and treatment of dark circles were among the topics discussed at the annual ASOPRS meeting that brings together Ophthalmic Plastic surgeons from around the world.  Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Samuel Baharestani of North Shore Eye Care was in attendance at this dynamic event.

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Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery at North Shore Eye Care

October 22, 2016 — by John Mauro
Tags: Lasik Doctor In Long Island Best Lasik Doctor In Long Island Lasik Doctor New York Mets

At North Shore Eye Care our surgeons now do a majority of their cataract surgery via laser. Recent advancements in laser eye surgery have made cataract surgery more advanced and safer specifically in certain eye conditions such as advanced cataracts and corneal disease. The laser also performs arcuate incisions in the cornea to help remove astigmatism, which can mean the difference of whether distance glasses may still be needed after cataract surgery and...

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October 21, 2016 — by Gerri

Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. If you’re one of the millions who rely on hearing aids to keep you in the conversation, you know how important it is to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems.

Here are the four most common issues with hearing aids and a checklist for troubleshooting each of them. If you're not able to fix your hearing aids yourself, call your Audiologist for a repair appointment.

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An Eye Exam Can Tell You a Lot About Your Overall Health

October 20, 2016 — by Faye Knoll
Tags: Cornea Ophthalmologist Long Island Eye Doctor

The eye is a unique organ. As ophthalmologists, we are able to look into your eyes and view blood vessels and nerves without having to cut open anything. This is what gives us so much information about the overall health of our patients. Furthermore, many systemic diseases have ocular manifestations. 

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I've had red eyes for months and drops aren't working anymore!

October 19, 2016 — by Michael Savetsky
Tags: Dry Eye Top Cornea Specialist In New York Blepharitis Best Eye Doctor Savetsky

There are a lot of conditions that can cause red eyes, including bacterial and viral infections, glaucoma, and uveitis. But by far, the most common reason is...

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Plastic Surgeon Hosts Kybella Event in Smithtown, NY

October 18, 2016 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Kybella Botox Juvederm Latisse

Kybella, the new injectable available for removal of chin and neck fat, will be demonstrated at a cosmetic event in Smithtown, New York, on Thursday, November 17th.

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Vision screening: How do I know if my baby can see?

October 17, 2016 — by Dr. Michelle Liebert
Tags: Michelle Liebert M D Vision Screening North Shore Eye Care

Aside from a parent's intuition as to whether their son or daughter can see, there are other methods to determine just how much they can see and if they are at risk of having poor eyesight.  Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus have recently endorsed the use of Photoscreening as a new method for determining refractive error (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism).  This is a computerized test and is helpful in pre-verbal children.  It also aids in screening children who are too shy or nervous to use a standard vision chart.  A Pediatrician also evaluates the red reflex of the pupil of the eye and does cover/uncover testing to evaluate for strabismus or a "lazy" eye.  If the Pediatrician is suspicious that there is a problem, a referral is usually made to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist for evaluation.

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Dry eye disease is far more common than you think

October 16, 2016 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Sjogrens Disease

Dry eye disease is a common ailment affecting a large segment of the population.  This treatable problem can sometimes bs associated with serious disease.

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2017 North Shore Eye Care Optometric Symposium on January 22nd!

October 15, 2016 — by John Mauro
Tags: Lasik Doctor In Long Island Best Lasik Doctor In Long Island Lasik Doctor New York Mets

Our faculty in next year’s optometric summit meeting are among the finest in their field and we’re extremely pleased to have them share their expertise with our local primary eye care partners on Long Island. Join us on January 22nd at the Huntington Hilton for this grand event

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