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We invite you to listen to these patient testimonials. Darryl Strawberry, NHL Hall of Famer Mike Bossy, and other patients describe their experiences.

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“My prescription was extremely high (-9) with astigmatism and I had a thick cornea. I wore eye glasses for 20 years and never thought I’d be able to ever see without them. I had consultations with several eye doctors and got to know Dr. Martin whom I totally trusted with my eyes. Thanks to the laser vision correction procedure he performed on my eyes, my vision is now perfect and I don’t need those glasses any longer. I now enjoy the outdoors since my glasses are no longer a hindrance. Having LASIK was the best decision I ever made for my eyes.”


"I have been waiting almost 10 years to get this done and I finally DID IT! Dr Mauro is awesome. The combination of the latest technology, in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon (very personable doctor too), resulted in an improvement in my vision I just wish now I did it before. It was painless and a very short procedure. LASIK eye surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself."


"I had been contemplating having Lasik for years but was very nervous. I went to the seminar and learned about iLasik. I made an appt with Dr Martin right then. The staff who performed the pre-operative testing were wonderful. Dr Martin was incredible, he took the time to answer my many questions. I met with Jennifer, my surgical coordinator, to schedule the surgery and she also answered many questions and is very warm, caring and funny! The surgery on 10/6 was quick and painless and the recovery was as well!! Jennifer even called that night to see how I was! I am overwhelmed with the clarity with which I see now. I went to my one week post-op visit with my laundry list of questions and even though Dr Martin sees a lot of patients, he took his time and answered each and everyone of those questions. They really do make you feel you are their only patient and treat you like a family and friend. I can't thank you enough!!"

Leigh J.

"I was SO nervous before getting lasik! I had so many questions before my surgery, and Dr. Zweibel was really patient and understanding in answering every single one of them (and, trust me, there were a lot!). I am happy to say that despite my nerves, I decided to go ahead with LASIK, and I am thrilled that I did! It has been less than a month since the surgery, and my eyesight is perfect!"

Dana C.

"My vision couldn’t be better since having my Lasik procedure a few years ago. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see clearly and return back to my daily activities. Thank you so much Dr. Martin for your patience, hand holding and expertise throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this painless and easy procedure to anybody considering it. Having Lasik has truly been life changing for me."


"I have wanted laser eye surgery since I got glasses in high school. Glasses and contacts were always such a pain, and I hated the costs that came with them. I researched many Lasik surgeons and scheduled a consultation with Dr Mauro. I was considered legally blind without my glasses or contacts, so going without them was not an option, ever. It was the best thing I ever did. I felt comfortable and confident in his knowledge and skills. His bedside manner is what I would want in every doctor. Now after the surgery I wake up every morning thinking what a miracle it is I can see clearly! Love it!"

Kristine M.

"I was a contact lens wearer and my eyes would frequently get infected from my contacts. Eventually, I became contact lens intolerant after 15 years. My prescription was -6 in both eyes and I really disliked wearing glasses. I had my LASIK procedure at North Shore Eye Care and my vision is now 20/20. The doctors here are very experienced with the LASIK procedure and know what they are doing. The Custom, bladeless laser technology used by the eye specialists at North Shore Eye Care is the most advanced and reliable for LASIK. Not having to worry about glasses or contacts after LASIK is such a relief. I feel incredibly happy with my decision to undergo LASIK at North Shore Eye Care and I highly recommend them to my friends and relatives.”

Amy W.

"They are the best!...my husband and I have been patients of Dr. S Martin for more than 30 years...and now we see Dr. Jeff Martin as well.....thank you!"

Lucille T.

"Dr. Zweibel - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the world with "new eyes"! The Lasik eye surgery that you performed on me Monday was life changing! I wake up every morning amazed and happy that I can see! You explained everything to me and I knew what to expect before and during the surgery, which I appreciated. I would recommend this surgery and you personally to anyone I knew who wanted to have this done. THANK YOU! ! !"

Tracy K.

"I've been going to this office for over ten years and I highly recommend it."

Pamela H.

"It took me over a year to decide to get Lasik. I had gone to many different doctors but didn't make my final decision until I met the staff at NSEC. Their professionalism, expertise and knowledge made my decision easy. I had my surgery on July 19th and with only a 24 hour painless recovery period, my vision is now 20/20. I love my Lasik!"

Karen V.

"No more glasses and contacts, I’m so happy I did this. I had PRK and Dr. Mauro is so professional, personable and has a lot of experience. He made the entire experience extremely positive for me. I did some research and I know I found the right doctor and would absolutely recommend Dr. Mauro and his awesome staff to anyone looking for the best in laser eye surgery."


"I've always thought about getting laser vision correction done but never seriously considered it until I met with Dr. Martin and his staff at NSEC. I wasn't too optimistic about being a candidate because my eyes were really bad. I was surprised to find out that I was eligible for PRK surgery, which is a slightly different procedure than normal LASIK, but yields the same results. Dr. Martin's professionalism and expertise made my decision easy. I was extremely nervous before the procedure but Dr. Martin talked me through the entire surgery and it was over before I knew it. It was completely painless and the whole thing took about 15 minutes. It's been almost two months since I had the surgery and my vision gets better and better every day. I have no complaints with the procedure at all and I don't regret it one bit. I'm 24 years old and I've fully depended on my glasses since elementary school. I can't thank Dr. Martin and his staff enough for making my life glasses free."

Rob M.

"This was the best money I ever spent. No more contacts/glasses yahoo! Dr. Zweibel was amazing - I felt at ease the entire time and they answered all my questions...And trust me, I had a lot of them. Thank you NorthShore eye care - I can now wake up and see!!"

Alia Y.

"I received PRK just about 2 month ago and could not be happier. After having troubles with contacts for a while this was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Mauro was great from helping me make my decision to having 20/20 vision! No more glasses"

Tiffany M.

"Well I was scared- that being an understatement I suppose. First, I had used glasses since I was 8. Second, I had a negative 7.0 prescription. Third, I work for a medical malpractice law firm and I had seen some really messed up medical procedures. However, I’d done my research on Dr. Martin. He has a lot of experience...has won many awards, comes highly recommended by others…and try as I might, I couldn’t find a medical malpractice case brought against him. Before the procedure, I was scared out of my mind, comparable to when I sat down for the LSAT. But the procedure is over now, and 18 years? No thanks. I would completely recommend Dr. Martin."

Gianna C.

"As a police officer i had broken my glasses wrestling with a perp and decided it was time to get lasik. I was beyond nervous when it came time for the surgery, even needed to give me 2 xanax, but Dr Mauro was fantastic and talked me through the entire procedure. The day after was like a brand new world opening up, it was amazing all the things I missed before the surgery. I have been happy and loved every minute since the surgery. I highly recommend North Shore and Dr. Mauro for this surgery, it is life changing."

Brendan M.

"I had Dr. Jeffery Martin perform a PRK procedure on my eyes about 2 months ago. I had a particular incident with my left eye in which I felt like the healing contact lens was irritating me so i decided to take it out prematurely. After figuring out that removing it was the stupidest thing i could've done because the pain was unbearable, I had called Dr. Martin on his personal cell phone and bothered him on his day off which I didn’t want to resort to. Dr. Martin was beyond helpful in every way possible and agreed to see me immediately the next morning. Dr. Mauro had replaced the contact lens for me and did an excellent job. Now, fully healed in both eyes, I am 20/20 sharp and could not be more happier. Thank you Dr. Martin and Dr. Mauro for caring so much and helping me immediately."

Eddie Z.

"I had been considering Lasik surgery for a while and just had the procedure done in October with Dr. Jeffery Martin and I'm so glad I did it! I was definitely scared at first because I had a very high prescription and of course I thought of the worst. However, Mr. Martin and all the workers involved were very friendly and gave me a lot of information about my options. Since I’ve needed glasses since third grade, I knew I wanted to do away with the glasses and contacts! I went from a -6.5 prescription to 20/20 and couldn’t be happier, I’d recommend NSEC to anyone!"

Maria G.

"My husband & I both had LASIK performed by Dr. Jeffrey Martin & could not be more pleased with the results!! The procedure was quick & painless and it is truly a joy to have perfect vision after all these years. Thank you to Dr. Martin & the professional & caring staff of North Shore Eye Care!! I have recommended you to all of my friends."

Donna  M.

"The staff at North Shore Eye Care provides professional service that is unsurpassed. With each visit I feel like I am in good hands as there is exceptional personnel throughout the office. Dr. Jeff Martin takes his time in explaining procedures and makes you feel like you're his lone patient for the day. A fabulous practice that lends confidence to the decision to have LASIK."

Tony M.

"I have been wearing glasses and contacts since the age of 9. I am very proud to say that now at the age of 32, I am no longer dependent on glasses or contacts, and it is due to the expertise of Dr. Jeffrey Martin and his staff at North Shore. I was not a candidate for Lasik, so I underwent the PRK surgery. Dr. Martin was upfront and forthright with all that was going to happen and what I should expect. I would recommend North Shore to anyone and everyone who would seek my opinion on the correction surgeries. Being able to wake up and see without the aid of contacts is an amazing feeling that really can not be described. Thank you Dr. Martin and staff at NS Eye Care."

Jason A.

"Just had my LASIK surgery and I am so happy! When I got home, I started crying because I was able to see without my coke bottle lens. At first my husband thought something was wrong but he quickly noticed they were tears of joy. This was the best gift I could have given myself. Jen was my coordinator, she was wonderful. Dr. J Martin did my LASIK!!!! LOVE HIM!!! Thank You so much."

Christina J.

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