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Tips on Preventing and Treating Allergic Conjunctivitis

March 29, 2015 — by David Immanuel, MD, PHD
Tags: Allergy Allergic Conjunctivitis Pollen Anti Histamine

Spring is here and allergy season is upon us!  Allergic conjunctivitis is usually seasonal and worse in the spring to fall when pollen (from trees, grass and ragweed) and spores are in the air, but can occur anytime when associated with common environmental antigens such as pet dander, dust, smoke, perfume, makeup and even food.   Here are some tips on things we can do to help minimize our exposure to these irritants as well as effective treatments for allergic conjunctivitis.

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Allergy season is around the corner

March 29, 2015 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Ocular Allergies Antihistamnes

While it may be hard to believe it is now officially Spring.  With two to four inches of snow on the ground seasonal allergy sufferers are in no imminent danger, but it won't before long trees begin to bloom and flowers blossom.

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LASIK vs. LASEK... What is the Difference?

March 28, 2015 — by Jeffrey Martin
Tags: Lasik Lasek Long Island Eye Doctor

North Shore Eye Care has been leading the way in laser eye surgery on Long Island in New York for many years.  Our board certified laser vision correction experts are happy to help you choose the best laser vision correction option for you.

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Blepharoplasty | Ptosis Repair | Droopy Eyelid Lift | Long Island

March 28, 2015 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Blepharoplasty Droopy Eyelid Smithtown Riverhead

Blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, and brow lift surgery is sometimes necessary to restore the natural youthful look to the eyes. At North Shore Eye Care on Long Island, we offer cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and brow lift surgery.

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North Shore Eye Care Treats Dry Eye

March 26, 2015 — by Faye Knoll
Tags: Dry Eye Board Certified Ophthalmologist Long Island Eye Doctor

Chronic dry eye can be a debilitating eye condition that can potentially become very difficult to treat.  The doctors of North Shore Eye Care have state of the art equipment available to them to help them evaluate and treat this chronic problem.

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State of the art Cataract Surgery in 2015 available at North Shore Eye Care on Long Island

March 25, 2015 — by John Mauro
Tags: Lasik Surgeon Cataract Specialist In Long Island Lasik Doctor In New York

At North Shore Eye Care our surgeons offer state of the art laser cataract surgery. Recent advancements in laser eye surgery have made cataract surgery safer.  

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Oculoplastic Surgery on Long Island

March 24, 2015 — by Samuel Baharestani
Tags: Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon Smithtown Riverhead

Oculoplastic surgery (also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery) is a subspecialty within ophthalmology that focuses on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, orbit, and tear drainage system.  Combining the microsurgery of ophthalmology with the aesthetic principles of plastic surgery, the field is a bridge between two dynamic fields of medicine.

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Angle Closure Glaucoma Treatment is Simple and Painless

March 23, 2015 — by Andrew Bainnson
Tags: Glaucoma Iridotomy Angle Closure

  Laser iridotomy is a procedure that makes a small opening in the iris (the colored part of the eye) to relieve increased eye pressure due to a type of glaucoma called angle-closure glaucoma.  When the fluid that normally flows in and out of the eye cannot drain through its sponge-like drainage system, called the trabecular meshwork, the pressure in the eye (intraocular pressure) may rise. This rise in pressure could damage the optic nerve and lead to vision loss

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Myopia, a common eye condition affecting your vision is on the rise

March 22, 2015 — by Lawrence Zweibel
Tags: Myopia Lasik

Myopia, a common eye condition that affects the vision of upwards 50% of the population has become more prevalent over the past few decades.

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North Shore Eye Care Doctors Can Detect and Manage Macular Degeneration Using Advanced Testing

March 21, 2015 — by Paul Choinski
Tags: Southampton Macular Degeneration Eye Doctor Retina

Wet and dry age related macular degeneration are briefly discussed along with the various testing modalities used at North Shore Eye Care in order to diagnose and manage it.

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